Day in the Life of a Nursing Home Administrator

day in the life of a nursing home administrator

The life of a nursing home administrator is no joke. In our opinion, they are the lifeline of the nursing home facility, without whom, the entire facility would fall apart at the seams. Their patience and compassion are beyond anyone’s imagination. After all, it is because of them the nursing home facility functions so smoothly.

So, what’s a typical day like in the life of a nursing home administrator?

Let’s say Jolene arrives at work sharp at 9 A.M. After settling down and checking her schedule, she attends an inter-disciplinary meeting for patient care with the therapist, the patient’s family, and the physicians. As she gets out of the meeting, she sees a fight going on in the corridor between two nurses and walks on over to settle the dispute. After fielding numerous phone calls, she responds to her emails and then handles other correspondence.

To make sure that her facility is abiding by all the rules and everyone is up to date on the latest nursing techniques, she attends a meeting hosted by the state that aims at training administrators on protocols. When she arrives back at the facility, she finds herself apologizing to a resident’s family member who is dissatisfied with the service and promises him that she will look into the matter personally. With luck, by 5 P.M, she has checked on all the residents, dispatched nurses for their night duties and made sure that tomorrow’s schedule is in order. She then heads home.

Responsibilities Handled By a Nursing Home Administrator

Many people assume that a nursing home administrator is nothing but a glorified assistant. What they don’t know is that an administrator is far more qualified. They either have an RCAL, NHA or HCBS license, which gives them the knowledge to not only deal with a nursing home’s residents but also manage the day to day interaction between the resident’s family member and disputes between nurses.

They are experts in two areas: health care and business. On the outside, they might just be the authority figures who supervise large staffs, however, all the departments’ responsibilities fall on them. Some of the areas that fall under their supervision include director of maintenance, the food service director, the financial department and the head of social services department.

Salary Potential and Career Growth

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, the nursing home administrator sector will see a rise by 20% well into 2026. This is because an administrator handles different kinds of responsibilities. Along with ensuring a safe and comfortable nursing home environment, they stay up to date with federal and state regulations and requirements. Some administrators might work round-the-clock while others manage retirement communities. They basically, provide the leadership, based on which a nursing home facility operates in an effective manner.

On an average, a nursing home administrator makes around $78,540 a year. The salaries may differ based on the nursing home’s geographic location. Whether the administrator is operating in a small or big nursing home, their last word is what keeps the place running smoothly according to the budget.