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AIT Exam Prep


To protect the well-being of residents and clients across a wide spectrum of healthcare facilities, professionals seeking roles in the administration are tested on their knowledge, skills, and abilities to prove they can provide competent care. In order to maintain the proper licensing and credentials,  AIT exam prep is vital to each administrator in training candidate’s success. On top of core knowledge examinations, candidates should plan to take the exam relevant to their lines of service, whether nursing homes, residential care and assisted living centers, or home and community-based services.

Building on Foundations

The National Core of Knowledge Exam for Long Term Care Administrators tests entry-level administrators on the foundations of long-term care, to affirm that candidates have the ability to protect the public and the skills to provide competent care to clients. Though this competency exam is entry-level, it covers all lines of care and many aspects of the profession, requiring thorough AIT exam prep.

Demonstrating Essential Nursing Home Skills

The National Nursing Home Administrators Line of Service Examination Program, which is required for licensure in every state in the U.S., as well as the District of Columbia, also tests candidates on their mastery of care for nursing homes. This line of service exam tests candidates on a particular body of knowledge, requiring focused AIT exam prep, and asks them to demonstrate their skills and abilities to show that they can be effective practitioners in nursing homes and beyond. The goal of the exam is to protect the public by employing competent administrators in these facilities.

Mastering Residential and Assisted Living Care

For entry-level administrators interested in positions in residential care or assisted living communities, AIT exam prep will cover the National Residential Care/Assisted Living Administrators Line of Service Examination Program. Several states require candidates to complete this exam, which is also aimed at protecting the public through competent administrators. Candidates will be tested on entry-level knowledge of residential care and assisted living facility requirements, as well as their skills and abilities, and the relevant body of knowledge.

Providing Quality Home and Community Based Services

As part of their AIT exam prep, candidates may also study for the National Home and Community Based Services Line of Service Examination Program. This broad exam covers the topics of palliative care, independent living, hospice care, adult day and home health care. This examination protects the public by requiring candidates to possess a particular body of knowledge, as well as demonstrating the skills and abilities required of a competent practitioner.

AIT Exam Structure

To be successful, candidates should use AIT exam prep to prepare for the two-part examination. Candidates must pass both parts of the exam. The first portion consists of 110 items for the Core of Knowledge Examination for Long Term Care Administrators, and the second portion consists of 55 items under the appropriate line of service. The exam may be administered in one three-hour appointment, or candidates may take each section separately.

The exam material is structured into multiple-choice questions, with four choices listed for each question and one correct response. There are no penalties for guessing an answer. The five areas covered in the exam include Environment; Finance; Human Resources; Customer Care, Supports, and Services; and Management and Leadership. Task-based questions that test the candidates’ skills and abilities can also be found under each topic.

Computer Proficiency and Tutorials

After they have completed their AIT exam prep, candidates should revisit the policies and procedures of the examination process, including the required identification and the time constraints surrounding the exam. Once candidates are admitted to the exam, they will log onto a computer and be given the opportunity to take a practice tutorial. Nothing is scored from the practice portion of the examination; however, familiarity with the computerized format may help avoid errors later on.

Timed Testing

For this timed examination, the passage of time will be monitored by the assigned computer. Candidates may refer to the digital clock on the screen to determine how much time remains during the testing process. If they exceed the time allotted, the exam will terminate and it may not be completed.

AIT Exam Prep

Proper AIT exam prep will require candidates to master the knowledge and tasks needed to provide competent care to their clients, as a long-term care administrator. Study guides and reference materials may help candidates prepare for the two-part exam. Candidates must demonstrate proficiency in each subject area in order to succeed.

Format of AIT Exam Questions

The format of the questions on the examination varies, which makes AIT exam prep all the more important. Three different types of multiple-choice questions appear in the exam: knowledge questions, interpretation questions, and problem-solving and evaluation questions.
Knowledge questions test the candidate’s memory and understanding of the material. Interpretation questions require the candidate to apply the information learned to certain health care scenarios. Finally, problem solving and evaluation questions ask the candidate to organize facts, interpret data, assess various situations and choose the best course of action or solution.

NAB Examination Specifications for
CORE, Lines of Service: NHA, RC/AL, HCBS

CORE Lines of Service
Domain 1: Customer Care, Supports, and Services 30% 12%
Domain 2: Human Resources 15% 12%
Domain 3: Finance 15% 12%
Domain 4: Environment 10% 20%
Domain 5: Management and Leadership 30% 14%
TOTAL 100% 100% 
Number of scored items 100 50
Unscored Pretest Items 10 5

Note: Some tasks and knowledge statements may apply only to some Lines of Service.