Our New LTC Exam iOS Mobile App Launched

LTC Exam iOS Mobile App

LTC Exam launched its new iOS mobile app, and it is available for download in the iTunes App Store.   The app allows users to practice 750 questions designed to challenge the knowledge of the five core and line of service domains of the federal nursing home administrator curriculum.

The app also offers unique practice tests and a final exam to prepare for the federal Nursing Home Administrator exam.  Users can practice the NHA quizzes on your iPhone while saving their progress as they go.

The app also has practice exams that are up-to-date with the latest requirements. Like the website, the app practice test course is organized around the five domains of the NHA Exam and covers both the Core and Line of Service disciplines.

  • Domain 1: Customer Care, Supports, and Services
  • Domain 2: Human Resources
  • Domain 3: Finance
  • Domain 4: Environment
  • Domain 5: Leadership and Management

The mobile app helps Administrators in Training reach their goals by passing the Nursing Home Administrator exam. LTC Exam.com mobile app will help AITs prepare for the test:

  • Practice hundreds of exam questions in all five domains
  • Access study materials 24 hours a day on your iPhone
  • Save progress as you go

Download the LTC Exam app in the Apple App Store: