The World’s First Aged Care Crypto-Currency – Agecoin

aged care crypto-currency

Senior Care International, a company that focuses on the needs of elders and provides them with easy solutions, has come up with an ingenious way to provide care for elders in retirement. The company announced recently that it would be launching the world’s first and one-of-a-kind aged care crypto-currency known as Agecoin (AGC).

Since most elders are living in nursing homes, community centers or assisted houses, a certain kind of protection was necessary that would place their savings in a safe place. This became possible with the help of the “Blockchain” technology that the company built around the AGC.

So, what is AGC exactly for? It aims at providing support for financial services such as pension through a revolutionary way that changes how this entire scheme operates. According to Don and Alex Tapscott, who wrote on Blockchain, the simplest way to describe this technology is, “An incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions but virtually everything of value”.

The Agecoin (the name of the aged care crypto-currency) offered by Blockchain couples with complicated and big data capabilities, and offers the elderly with a highly secure, user-friendly and transparent platform globally, which comes from smart contracts.

While Nursing Home Administrators can provide the care the elderly are in need of, they cannot deal with the financial end of the problems. Now that the launch of Agecoin is official, it will become “the” coin, which elders can use for services across a few selected medical affiliates of Senior Care International such as CareNet Medical, Arias Health Care, DBA CareNet Health System and Kindness-Care Home Health.

Founded in 1979, Senior Care International pursues opportunities that are burgeoning in the senior care industry such as skilled nursing, assisted living, medical equipment services, and home health care.  Headquartered in California, it has hundreds of affiliations with pension service agencies and their own nursing homes. With 30 years of knowledge, skills, and inventions under their belt, the company is now evolving towards other sectors. Their one-stop holistic management center and service provides senior care services, which include managing training systems, home care centers and accommodation for seniors, and specializing in geriatric training.

Senior Care International’s CEO Mr. Richard Tang said, “The funds that we will raise through Agecoin will go into the building and developing the infrastructure for the pension services that we will need in the future. By leveraging the Blockchain technology, we will improve the pension services for elders”.

With so many services available under one roof, Agecoin known as Agecoin (AGC).will surely change the way how seniors maintain their financial freedom and prevent others from taking advantage of them.

Mr. Tang further said, “Our innovation Agecoin is the first crypto-currency to be ever introduced in the world. With help from Blockchain technology, we have created a service, which is incorruptible. The data analytics we are using promises that the elderly will have an interactive platform where any kind of transactions is possible. As Agecoin will become the face of the eco-finance scene globally for pensioners, we will work on making it a digital currency, which is accepted universally for retirement services”.