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Our practice exams are up-to-date with the latest July 2017 requirements. The Nursing Home Administrator practice test course is organized around the 5 domains of the NHA Exam, and covers both the Core and Line of Service disciplines.

  • Domain 1: Customer Care, Supports and Services
  • Domain 2: Human Resources
  • Domain 3: Finance
  • Domain 4: Environment
  • Domain 5: Leadership and Management

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I can say that spending approx 2.5 months of serious review and study with the test questions provided by you allowed me to feel ready to take it. I can honestly say that without you I would not have passed…THANK YOU!

Brandon, NHA – Sacramento, CA

Your study materials and questions on what to study helped me to pass my exam my first time and it’s a HUGE relief for myself and my boss that I’m done!

Scott, NHA – San Diego, CA

I would recommend LTCEXAM.com to anyone who wants to pass their first time…

Gavin, NHA – Oceanside, CA

I don’t normally give recommendations, but I will strongly recommend LTCEXM.com. Stoked to have passed my first try.

Kevin, NHA – Orlando, FL

Only having been in the nursing home industry for 7 months prior to the test, I was surprised at how comfortable I felt taking the test and especially how well I ended up doing. (I scored 132 out of 150!) I highly recommend taking LTCEXAM.com as your prep class.

Clark, NHA – Huntington Beach, CA

The first time I took it … I did not pass the test and was in complete shock. I had been told that all I needed to do was know and understand the NAB book, which I did… and still didn’t pass it. Thank you for your help! I would highly recommend LTCExam.com to anyone who is taking the test and wants to pass their first time…

Marissa, NHA

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