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    Practice questions from all 5 categories of the federal Nursing Home Administrator exam.

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All Quizzes Updated to the Latest Edition!

All practice questions are based on the latest edition of the official NAB study guide - How to Prepare for the Nursing Home Administrator's Examination, Fifth Ed.

Nursing Home Administrator Exam Questions

LTC offers NAB test prep questions to help you pass the federal nursing home administrator exam. Questions can be practiced online or on your mobile device.

What content is available?

The nursing home administrator practice test course is organized around the 5 focus areas of the NAB Exam. There are four 25 question quizzes per focus area (500 unique questions). We also have two print out tests of 100 extra NAB test questions each with separate answer keys. That is 700 practice questions in all to help you prepare for the exam.

How much will it cost?

$199.00 for 700 practice questions and additional study materials to pass the nab nursing home administrator exam.

The subscription is for six months. We offer a hassle free 7-day money back guarantee if you don’t think the course will help you.

Prepare today!

The first step toward reaching your goals is passing the Nursing Home Administrator exam. LTC Exam.coms online course will help you prepare for the exam:

  • Practice hundreds of exam questions in all 5 categories.
  • Access study materials 24 hours a day on your computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • Buy with confidence. Try the questions for 7 days; if you don’t like them we will refund your money.

Your purchase includes:

  • Access to 500 practice questions online for 6 months
  • Access to two additional 100 question practice tests to download and print out
  • No hassle 7-day money back guarantee
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  • Brandon, NHA

    Sacramento, CA

    I can say that spending approx 2.5 months of serious review and study with the test questions provided by you allowed me to feel ready to take it. I can honestly say that without you I would not have passed…THANK YOU!

  • Scott, NHA

    – San Diego, CA

    Your study materials and questions on what to study helped me to pass my exam my first time and it’s a HUGE relief for myself and my boss that I’m done!

  • Gavin – NHA

    – Oceanside, CA

    I would recommend to anyone who wants to pass their first time…

  • Kevin – NHA

    – Orlando, FL

    I don’t normally give recommendations, but I will strongly recommend Stoked to have passed my first try.

  • Clark – NHA

    – Huntington Beach, CA

    Only having been in the nursing home industry for 7 months prior to the test, I was surprised at how comfortable I felt taking the test and especially how well I ended up doing. (I scored 132 out of 150!) I highly recommend taking as your prep class.

  • Marissa – NHA

    – Marissa – NHA

    The first time I took it … I did not pass the test and was in complete shock. I had been told that all I needed to do was know and understand the NAB book, which I did… and still didn’t pass it. Thank you for your help! I would highly recommend [] to anyone who is taking the test and wants to pass their first time…