Preparing for a Job as a Nursing Home Administrator

Preparing for a job as a nursing home administrator

Preparing for a job as a nursing home administrator? Those seeking a career in the field of healthcare certainly have a lot of choices, as the field is diverse as it is challenging. That being said, many healthcare-related pathways can lead to quite a lucrative as well as rewarding career. One such pathway can lead you to become a nursing home administrator, in which you’ll be responsible for a wide range of administrative and leadership tasks relating to the majority of the daily nursing home operations.

Acting as the supervisor over your leadership team and additional staff, your role will encompass much, including handling financial matters, ordering medical supplies and equipment, keeping the facilities well maintained and ensuring the health and well-being of all residents at all times. It certainly isn’t a job to be entered into with nonchalance — it is challenging, often stressful and can test your patience. However, it is also extremely rewarding and an optimal choice for those who exhibit strong leadership skills.

What is needed to become a nursing home administrator?

Stepping into this role requires much more than simple nursing home administrator job exam prep. First and foremost, you must have completed your master’s degree in healthcare administration. You will not be able to gain a state licensure otherwise, which is one of the primary requirements of becoming a nursing home administrator.

The primary exams you will need to take before gaining licensure are the state and national Nursing Home Administrator Examinations. A grade of at least 75 percent or higher is needed on both exams. Each state also has their own requirements for licensure, which can be found at

Nursing home administrator job exam prep

To properly prepare the Nursing Home Administration Examination, you should ensure that you have a strong knowledge of the information needed and the skills required for such a role. A complete understanding of all aspects of nursing home administration is essential. Another key component of efficient and assured preparedness for proper nursing home administrator job exam prep is to be aware of the different requirements and rules for each state.

To provide assistance in nursing home administrator job exam prep, there are several study materials available and practice questions and exams that can be ordered online. The NAB Study Guide, as well as several other online resources such as forums and publications available for download, can also be of great use when preparing to take the exam.

Taking the Nursing Home Administrator Examinations

Because each state has their own exam, the focus on different areas of nursing home administration may vary, which is why it is important to thoroughly study all areas during your nursing home administrator job exam prep. The majority of the questions on the national exam will come from health care administrators located all across the country. Before the questions are approved, the exam questions are submitted to the National Association of Boards for review. If approved, they can be used for future exams. The national exam is comprised of 150 questions.

Students taking the Nursing Home Administrator Examinations are advised to answer all questions, even if unsure of the correct answer. This is because you are only graded on the number of correct questions, and not penalized for any incorrect answers. If you fail either exam, you are allowed to take them again up to three times. If you still haven’t achieved a passing grade after the third attempt, you will be required to undergo more training before being allowed to retake the test again.

Additional requirements for nursing home administrator job exam prep

Aside from first obtaining a master’s degree in healthcare administration and then passing both the national and state exams, candidates for a nursing home administrator job must also have completed a continuing education program. These courses help to provide you with real-world experience in healthcare administration and enhance your skills and knowledge of what the job might entail.

Like the state exam, continuing education courses and the number of hours required to complete the course in each state will also vary. You will be responsible for researching the different courses and their requirements, and subsequently enrolling in the courses. State requirement details and the courses that are available in each state can be found at the Department of Public Health.

In conclusion, a lot of hard work and perseverance is essential to becoming a nursing home administrator, as is ample nursing home administrator job exam prep when the time comes that you are ready to take the national and state exams. The good news is that there is a steady increase in the construction of nursing homes across the nation, leading to more positions available for aspiring nursing home administrators.

Additionally, as the industry continues to grow and evolve, new technology serves to make several tasks easier, and building a strong leadership team also helps to alleviate the workflow and ensure that all daily operations run as smoothly as possible. Pursuing a master’s degree in healthcare administration will provide you with much of the knowledge and skills you need to achieve success on this career path.